Yoga in its many forms allows us to to expand the mind, body and intuition.  Yoga practice provides a path to explore the vastness of our own potential.

We offer classes, counseling and advice on how to enhance and expand your well being.  This can be yoga, nutrition, self awareness, and meditation.

New Class – Please join us for an all levels Vinyasa class on Fridays at 5:45 at Voters Dance!  They are  located at 341 S. Broadway # 16, Salem, NH.
The 10/18 class is free!  

We teach many different style classes, from Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Gentle.  When teaching Vinyasa style yoga, we flow through each asana (pose), with a deliberate hold, in order to settle into and fine tune the pose.  The result is a more intimate and heightened experience of the mind body connection.  We may include some energy movement with Qi Gong in our practice to unblock areas of the body that may be holding stress and tension.  Well being is attained as the energy in our being flows throughout our core, visiting each chakra.

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In our yoga practice, we honor the event of arriving on our mat.  It is our dedication that brings us back time and again to connect the physical body with the mind.  During practice we may experience many emotions; frustration, patience, acceptance, joy, bliss, and of course Love.  It is also a place where time may stand still, as we leave the past behind and we are entirely focused in the present moment..

Through yoga practice, we soon form a wonderful relationship with our body and mind.  We feel good physically, mentally and spiritually.  When this occurs, weight loss naturally follows.   We fall in love with who we are.  Are you In Love with yourself?  Are you In Love with Yoga?

Self love is so important.  It’s not an egotistic love with vanity.  It is an unconditional love that we feel towards ourselves and our connection with the creative source, and that naturally projects out from us to all things we encounter as we go through life.