Ayurveda and the Science of Longevity Pt 1

Ayurveda and the Science of Longevity Pt 1

I have taken the time honored practice of yoga and yoga principles as a foundation upon which to apply modern physiology and spirituality.  John Douillard takes the same approach in is workshop “Ayurveda and the Science of Longevity, applying modern science to the time tested methods of Ayurveda.

Auyurvedic medicine is a circadian medicine as it focuses on the natural rhythms of the earth.   In some ways, we have strayed from those natural rhythms. The current approach to life is from a perspective of survival from things that are out to harm our existence or the inevitability of aging.  

In addition to living in synchronicity with the natural rhythms of the earth and nature around us, the Auyurvedic lifestyle opens awareness so we become more conscious of ourselves.  How did we get here?

From an early age, we want approval from our parents and childhood experiences cement into our subconscious a reward chemistry.  We strive for approval.  We feel good when getting a raise, a new car or new home.   This carries to a daily level where activities like a stop at Starbucks or going out shopping causes our dopamine levels to rise. We feel gratification from things accomplished or things acquired or even things consumed. 

When we become still, and exist in a state of being in the present moment, we become conscious of who we are.  This is accompanied by feelings of satisfaction towards our surroundings and who we are at a very deep level.  Eckhart Tolle mentions this contrast in trying to find gratification be constantly doing compared to the state that we achieve when just being present.

That is not to say our lives should be transformed by just spending all our time in meditation.  We are continuously manifesting in life and a large part of that involves the doing.  Moreover, if we lead a balanced life with exercise, eating well and becoming more aware of ourselves, the things we manifest come with much less effort and stress.  John Douillard compares this to an archer, who is holding the bow with steadiness before releasing it to its target.  Be still, knowing the target, aim with steadiness and then perform action.  As our mind body harmony and balance improves, our targets also change as we refine what we want to manifest in life just by developing it in our state of presence.  Our quality of life and our life expectancy increases!

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