Make meditation a part of your every day practice.  Meditation takes us to a place of just being, what can also be called the deepest level of now.  We learn to move away from our thoughts and transcend into a realm of awareness, where our intuition and creativity reside.

A daily meditation practice leads to a complete awareness of stress levels in our body and we can use this insight to fine tune the way we live.  Oxytocin levels increase, slowing the aging process and we soon find it easier to be in a joyous place, connected with all that is around us.   When meditation becomes a regular part of your life, those little things that seem so important start to fade away as our sacred connection to the universe is revealed.

Effective meditation, like yoga, can transform your life.  Combined with self-realization, we naturally rise to a higher vibrational state of being and we connect with our spirit that is multidimensional.  We move away from depression, fear and anger and into the higher places of joy, benevolence and love.

Meditation is also used in self-hypnosis, whereby suggestions can be made to the subconscious mind to change a habit.

We almost always include a segment of meditation in class.  The movement and poses of Yoga preconditions us to enter into the mindful state.  Connection with the consciousness of the cells of our body is natural in this state, while peace and stillness become a welcomed part of the practice.